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Say Anything
  • Say Anything
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  1. Long Ride Home (Patty Griffin, ASCAP)
  2. My Heart Never Leaves Home (James Harrell, ASCAP)
  3. Leave The Leavin' (Kelli Redmond, ASCAP, Lauren Bandy, ASCAP)
  4. If You'd Let Me (James Harrell, ASCAP)
  5. Hard Times (James Harrell, ASCAP)
  6. Say Anything (James Harrell, ASCAP)
  7. Crazy On My Mind (Kelli Redmond, ASCAP, James Harrell ASCAP)
  8. How You Do It (James Harrell, ASCAP, Kelli Redmond, ASCAP)
  9. Good News (James Harrell, ASCAP, Kelli Redmond, ASCAP)
  10. Oh My Sweet Carolina (Ryan Adams, BMI)
  11. I've Endured (Ola Belle Reed, David Authur Reed, BMI)

Produced by Letters To Abigail...Recorded at Echo Mountain Recording Studios, Asheville, NC... Sound Engineer and Mixed by Julian Dryer @ Echo Mountain Recording Studios.... Nicky Sanders: String arrangement on "Leave The Leavin'".... Mastered by Dave Harris @ Studio B Mastering Charlotte, NC....Copyright 2013 LTaP, LLC, ASCAP... (P) Published by LTaP, LLC, ASCAP.... Album Photography: Brenda Gray, Brent Fleury and Gabe Spencer (Simply

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